Free training
west property soccer fields
2014 - 2018
Mon May 20th to Wed May 22nd 2024
5:30 - 7pm
2 Days: Monday to Wednesday

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WAIVER: I certify that my child is in excellent health and is able to participate in physical activity including soccer, sporting activity, club training sessions, competitive soccer games, tournaments and scrimmages. I agree to hold Shatliff Soccer, its agents, employees and contractors harmless from any and all claims for injuries sustained during my child's participation in the program. Permission is granted for my child to receive emergency medical treatment.

COVID-19: I agree to adhere to all government advised COVID-19 protocols, and assume full and sole responsibility for all associated risks related in any way to my child's participation in the program.

CONTACT: You MUST provide a valid email address to receive your program confirmation and all further program information.
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